Glossary of Important Assessment and Measurement Terms

The purpose of this glossary is to provide an accessible dictionary of assessment-related terms for use by a non-technical, lay audience. The intention of the glossary is to offer definitions for “technical terms” or “specialized jargon” in a way that might be readily understood by those who have not studied in the field or have not developed expertise through work experience in the field. A full statement of purpose can be found here. A description of the glossary's development can be found here. Suggestions for additions or other changes to the glossary can be made here.

To find the meaning of a word or phrase, you can use the A–Z listing shown on this page, or you can enter the word in the search box provided on this page. If the word you are trying to define is in the glossary, the term and its definition will appear immediately below the search box. If the term you enter is not in the dictionary, nothing will appear below the search box. In that case, if you had entered the word in the search box, try again entering only the first few letters or using the A–Z listing, in case you misspelled the word. 

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